…Behold man in God’s own image and likeness, arranging in the beauty of holiness each budding thought.

Miscellaneous Writings, by Mary Baker Eddy 330:16-18

Employment Opportunities

Director of Christian Science Nursing (DCSN)

Would you like to express your deep love for Christian Science Nursing and its mission by joining our staff as the Director of Christian Science Nursing?  We are looking for someone dedicated to Clearview’s mission “to honor the wholeness of God’s perfect man by offering the tender, uplifting care of Christian Science nursing”. If you are looking to use your management skills and work on the floor as well, we’d love to hear from you.  Click here for the employment application.


Christian Science Nurses

Have you been thinking about the pure, true spirituality that is implied in Mrs. Eddy’s description of the qualities of a Christian Science nurse?  Do you desire to more completely understand and practice what Mrs. Eddy says regarding Christian Science nurses?  We do!  We think all the time about filling our facility with the spiritually developed qualities of cheerfulness, orderliness, punctuality, patience, faith, and receptivity to Truth and Love.

God is providing a safe place at Clearview for His children to be healed, and also a safe place for Christian Science nurses to freely express their “demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice.”  God’s spiritual healing qualifications are uppermost in our mind, as is our desire to continuously witness to the healing power of divine Spirit.  We are looking for Christian Science nurses listed in the Christian Science Journal.

Come and join Clearview, as we move forward on our path of practicing and understanding more of the healing power of God and the divine Comforter speaking to our age.