The divine Science of man is woven into one web of consistency without seam or rent.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy

Special Considerations for Admission

Clearview will not knowingly admit any guest who has a communicable or infectious disease. If we discover that we unknowingly admitted such a case or if a suspected condition develops after arrival, the Christian Science practitioner on the case will first be consulted. If the situation warrants it, the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Wisconsin, family and/or guest may also be consulted. Then a physician will be contacted, and if the case requires it, a report will be sent to the Board of Health. [See HSS 132.51 (2)(b)].

No guest will be admitted with an internal device. (No pacemakers, IVs, internal catheters or oxygen.)

Except in an emergency, Clearview may not accept guests under 65 who are diagnosed with mental disease. Mental challenges will be admitted on a case-by-case basis, provided the guest is not disruptive to the facility and other guests or physically aggressive. [See HSS 132.51 (2)(e)].

Expectant mothers are allowed admittance and cared for through, but not later than, the fifth month of pregnancy. If the challenge is directly related to the pregnancy, we are unable by law to admit them.

Under Wisconsin law, a minor may not be admitted to inpatient care at a licensed nursing home without consent of the licensing agency. Accordingly, it is our policy not to admit minors for patient care. Visiting Christian Science nurse services and outpatient care are available. [See HSS 132.51 (2)(f)].