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Our Mission Statement:  Shining the light of Love and healing through Christian Science nursing

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Everyone who comes to Clearview Home benefits not only from being in a lovely new structure with views of our beautiful grounds, but also—and most importantly—in a safe and peaceful place that fosters spiritual growth every day, in every way. For Clearview is first and foremost a spiritual structure, and the third verse of Hymn 80 of the Christian Science Hymnal states so beautifully what that means:

“Built by the word of His command,
With His unclouded presence blest,
Firm as His throne the bulwarks stand
There is our home, our hope, our rest.”

So you can be assured that our skilled and devoted Christian Science nurses are here to take loving care of those who are relying on our ever-present God for healing and renewal.

Clearview Home is located in Delafield, a small city in the lovely lake country of southern Wisconsin, 30 miles west of Milwaukee, and 50 miles east of Madison. Our five acres span two streets close to many shops and restaurants. Being less than an hour from the border of Illinois, we are happy to serve Christian Scientists in Illinois, as well as in the neighboring states of Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan.

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One of our sunny sitting areas to enjoy the outside scenery

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We are looking for Journal-listed Christian Science nurses as well as Christian Science nurses of all levels of experience and training.  Join our staff permanently and enjoy the beautiful four-season lake country of southeastern Wisconsin.