2019 Grand Opening and Annual Gathering

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On June 29, 2019, we held a Grand Opening and Annual Gathering to celebrate our new building.  This new structure represents our continued mission to shine the light of love and healing through Christian Science nursing. Over 100 people helped us celebrate that day! By mid-August patients and staff moved in. We are so very grateful to our staff, volunteers, supporters, and friends.

Excerpt from the talk by Sharon Hansen, CS, “The Treasure in our Midst:”

Christian Science nurses are trained to see that each nursing activity has a spiritual basis.  For example, they see cleansing the body as symbolizing spiritual purity and innocence. This requires them to watch their thinking constantly to keep it pure.  They strive to demonstrate the qualities of a nurse that are described by Mary Baker Eddy, in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “The nurse should be cheerful, orderly punctual, patient, full of faith, —receptive to Truth and Love.” (p. 395). They also work diligently to keep out negative traits such as ill-temper, complaint, and deceit.  Christian Science teaches that God is Mind, the source of all right thinking. They turn to God, the divine Mind, to guide their thoughts and actions. 

Excerpt from the report of the Director of Christian Science Nursing:

…one of many healings we have witnessed this past year: A person came to Clearview Home unable to stand, sit, sleep, eat or breath easily. The Christian Science nursing staff worked with them to find comfort and peace in a healing atmosphere, all while the patient worked with a Christian Science practitioner.  This spiritual teamwork resulted in healing within a few weeks. This person returned home and to work completely restored.

On a follow up call, this person expressed gratitude for their healing and having a Christian Science nursing facility so close to them.

Excerpt from the President of the Clearview Home Board:

In our Church Manual (p. 18), Mary Baker Eddy describes the original organization of the Christian Science Church this way: “Although working through deep waters, the little church went steadily on, increasing in numbers, and at every epoch, saying, ‘Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.’”

God hath indeed helped us hitherto today.

Excerpt from the report of the Director of Development and Communications:

Have you noticed I’ve been saying “our” a lot? If I have a feeling of goodness I know that all of us can experience that, too. No one is left out. We are in this together. We are a community. Fundraising theory says that you should say YOU a lot. You are helping to build a house. You are buying the food for the hungry — you are. Well, I want to suggest we should really be talking about we, us, ours.

This is our Christian Science nursing facility and services. Whether students of Christian Science or not, it is here to love, bless, shine for all. Across city and state borders – into Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, anywhere.

Excerpt from the report of the Executive Director:

… this is our demonstration.  By supporting the Manual by-law for Christian Science nurse, Clearview is giving a home to the by-law, is providing a safe place for patients to heal and practice Christian Science nursing, it is supporting and sustaining Christian Science nursing for another 70 years.  Christian Science nursing expressed at Clearview Home is evidence of our love for one another.  The word nurse means to cherish, to hold dear, to nurture, to nourish.  Your support of Clearview Home allows us to cherish, nurture, nourish, and hold dear everyone who comes here for healing.  Thank you for your continuing and on-going support of Clearview Home and Christian Science Nursing.