…Behold man in God’s own image and likeness, arranging in the beauty of holiness each budding thought.

Miscellaneous Writings, by Mary Baker Eddy 330:16-18

Clearview Home and staff housing are located within walking distance of each other and the City of Delafield. There are numerous state parks and attractions within biking distance and plenty to keep you interested. The local schools are some of the best in the country. Winters are manageable with dedicated highway crews keeping the roads clear and easy to navigate. Summers are glorious in Lake Country!

Employment Opportunities

Our first goal is to increase staff by two Journal-listed Christian Science nurses to shore up our current staff.  We are currently scheduling 12-hour shifts to maintain coverage of our Christian Science nursing department.  Staff is currently working 4 days on and 3 days off, then 3 days on and 4 days off.  This gives each staff member time for refreshment before returning to work.

Our second goal is to hire two additional Journal-listed Christian Science nurses (for a total of 4 new staff) so that our 12-hour shifts can return to 8-hour shifts and we will be able to accept more highly skilled admissions.

Next, we would like to invite Christian Science nurses of varying skill levels to support the healing work with our Sheltered Care guests and Residents, and to work toward their Journal-listing.

Further along the way we would like to staff our Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service.  We have a specific car dedicated to the service, and state of the art supplies for lifting, as well as a chair that allows someone to be “wheeled” down a flight of stairs!  Wisconsin is larger than it looks, and we would love to have a VCSN in the northern part of the state and another one in the southern part of the state.

Christian Science Nursing Education is also a goal for Clearview Home.  We’ve tried several options over the last several years, and we would like to start a Le Verge Education program here at Clearview Home.  This would open up opportunities for Christian Science nursing education mentors and instructors.  To support this goal, we have a large donation to fund the educational program and Clearview is working on a building to house the training program.

New Compensation Package

For Journal-listed Christian Science nurses relocating to the Clearview area to join our staff working full-time.

  • $40 per hour full-time
  • 6% 401K matching
  • Vision and Dental
  • 19 days PTO plus CS Association Day
  • Journal-listing fee paid
  • Continuing Ed reimbursement
  • Moving Expense assistance
  • Temporary housing during your move

Temporary Employment

Journal-listed Christian Science nurses wishing to come to Clearview on a temporary basis still qualify for $30 per hour, travel expenses, lodging in one of our apartments, use of one of our vehicles (if needed), and if you are a regular temp, you can also qualify for our 401K program.

Christian Science Nurse Level 4

Level 4’s who would like support with mentoring and are actively working toward Journal-listing are invited to apply for employment. You must have completed your Level 4 classes with an accredited program and are seeking support for your mentoring portion of training. Please call for details.

Comments from Christian Science nurses about working at Clearview Home

  • "When I come to work at Clearview, I always feel like I am coming home.  The support from staff and administration is always there for each and everyone of us."

  • "Having the latest products to work with and the opportunity for continuing education helps to keep me up-to-date in my field.  the Christian Science support from Administration, Board, and Monthly House Practitioner has been a blessing and I am truly grateful."

  • "I like working at Clearview Home, for the loving and caring atmosphere and the state of the art new building.  I like working with the friendly Christian Science nurses, and support staff.  I like the location, the quaint little town of Delafield, Wisconsin."

  • "A warm friendly atmosphere in a cozy family setting.  The summers are beautiful."

  • "The building is beautiful and the staff is wonderful."

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