Year End Fundraising Progress!

We met our year end goal!

Our Annual Campaign was $480,000 for this year and we have exceeded our goal!

Donors like you are invaluable!

We are so excited to see continued support of Christian Science nursing here in Wisconsin!

Donor Impact

Your donations go directly to our mission. It is the basis of our benevolence program. It supports a living wage for Christian Science nurses and our support staff. It supports local housing for our Christian Science nursing staff.

What’s next?

  • Next year we are offering Dental and Vision benefits for all staff
  • We are continuing to provide housing and moving assistance for full-time Journal-listed Christian Science nurses.
  • We have increased the hourly wage for our Journal-listed Christian Science nurses.
  • We continue to look at other benefit options to enhance recruitment of Journal-listed Christian Science nurses.
  • We are looking into additional Christian Science training options for the future.
  • We continue to cherish additional development of the 5 acre property.
  • We are also cherishing community outreach amid continuing Covid restrictions.

Thanks again for your support!

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