Happy Father’s Day

Clearview wishes a Happy Father’s Day to all our Dad’s

When I think of Father’s Day and the qualities of Fatherhood, I think of guidance, protection and encouragement—a father protecting, guiding, and encouraging his children to take on larger challenges. He knows they have the ability and encourages them to move forward, while providing a protective environment.

There are certainly many examples of this fathering in the Bible. Moses expressed these qualities as he was guiding, protecting, and encouraging the children of Israel as they escaped the bondage of Egypt.

The role of the Christian Science nurse is very similar to this. Christian Science nurses encourage us while we are working out a challenge. They provide a protective spiritual environment—a sanctuary—while we work things out, and they are there to help us take each progressive step.

It is very comforting when you need help to know that you can receive it without judgement or impatience. When a Christian Science nurse is helping you, all you truly feel is the love of Christ and the touch of the Comforter. What a blessing!

Thank you to all the Dad’s out there who display this kind of loving strength:

  • Encouraging us when things get hard
  • Guiding us when we’ve lost our way
  • Protecting us as we learn new skills
  • Being there for us no matter what

Your patience, love, and support is very appreciated!

Elizabeth Harned
Executive Director

See you on the 26th!

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