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What do healing, Elisha, the pearl of great price, the Shunammite woman, and strategic planning all have in common?

They were all key points at the Clearview Home Annual Gathering on September 27th! Joyful thanks to all who were able to attend by ZOOM – there were well over 100 of you!

Everyone is welcome to re-watch or enjoy for the first time – just click the button above.

We began with a happy slideshow featuring the hymn we have claimed as our “Clearview Home Hymn,” #482 in the Christian Science Hymnal, Hymns 430-603. The refrain reads in part, “This clear view of man is perfect / Seen in all the radiance of light…” and fits so nicely with our name and mission – so that’s why we call it “our” hymn. Click to view slideshow.

The talk by Dr. Shirley Paulson began with examples from her own journey to be a follower of Jesus. She asked members of the audience to raise their hands if they would like to follow Jesus better if they could or knew how. The rest of her talk explored many ways to be a better follower, to live like a disciple. This included a look into the Gospel of Mary, “What I love about this story of Mary is the way these disciples – who had just spent three years right with Jesus – still struggle with fear, doubt, and jealousy. And yet when things got tough, and didn’t go as they expected, they had just what they needed.”

Here are excerpts from the reports that followed:

Director of Christian Science Nursing, Jeffrey Deemer-White shared:

What a blessing and rewarding experience we have as Christian Science nurses to see healing take place daily, weekly, and monthly.

One individual was bitten by a cat and needed cleansing and bandaging services. The Visiting Christian Science Nurse visited the individual in their home and provided loving care of the area. A few days later it was evident that the spiritual atmosphere at Clearview Home would better meet their need. The time spent here gave the individual opportunity to work out several challenges at home with the support of the Christian Science Practitioner. After a few days the individual returned home and has since expressed gratitude for the healing atmosphere at CVH.

Dave Anderson, President of the Clearview Home Board of Directors:

Clearview Home is evidence of YOUR demonstration of Christian Science nursing here in the Midwest….Those of us associated with Clearview Home feel deeply the call to preserve the high standard of healing found in the ministry of Christian Science nursing—not just locally but for the movement. We feel a divine purpose impelling us to provide a safe place for God’s children to heal in a community that supports spirituality and healing.

Lynn Meyerson, Director of Development and Communications,
polled the attendees on services and activities a
future residential program could provide.

  • Slightly more preferred that we provide for independent living before sheltered care and staff housing.
  • Most would consider moving into a Christian Science community in 5-10 years.
  • The motive for most would be to live in a spiritual atmosphere.
  • The favored amenities would be lots of light and windows, easy-to-access bathrooms, and a direct outdoor entrance.
  • The favored activities would be ease of attending church and other Christian Science activities, and gardens and walking spaces.

We would appreciate your taking a simple survey that is available on the Annual Gathering page on our website or click here.

As we have been praying deeply to understand the one Source that meets all our needs – lovingly and completely – and we have been led to embrace right motives and actions, we have stepped over our borders and reached out to any area where we are the closest Christian Science nursing facility – adding names, addresses, and emails – essentially doubling our mailing list. We are still willing to travel, and meet at your church – depending on local restrictions. Special thanks to the Green Bay Church who patiently postponed their meeting until it was allowed. So, with masks on, distancing, and sanitizing we had a lovely time in July and met with people who came from three other churches in the area. Similar gatherings could happen on ZOOM, too!

 Elizabeth Harned, Executive Director, summed it all up…

The vision of the Board and Management Team is to see Clearview Home as a campus community. Where Christian Scientists can come to live and work in an atmosphere supportive of individual growth and demonstration. We are reaching out to our community to listen to your needs and desires for independent and Sheltered living, we have reached out to Christian Science nurses across the country to listen to their needs and desires for staff housing, and we reached out to younger Christian Scientists to learn more about how to support their need for a sense of community. We have learned much and have much to consider. Look for a follow up to our Annual Gathering to continue the discussion and metaphysical approach to meeting our goals.

Details for our Gathering Momentum Virtual Meetings in November still to be determined.

Opportunities for Giving to Clearview Home

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