Merry Christmas to You

“Pa rum pa pum pum
Come they told me…
A new born king to see…
Our finest gifts we bring…
To lay before the king…”

Thank you for sharing your gifts with Clearview Home. You have brought provision, joy, love, solicitude, generosity, and healing to lay before the
babe of Christian healing.

We give thanks and extend a blessing to you, your families, and our dear branch church members who make Clearview Home possible.

From all of us at Clearview Home to your blessed home!

Gingerbread Houses

We are decorated inside and out! The festive lights on our tree and the gumdrops on the gingerbread house remind us of the Christ’s bright and sweet promise to our world.

We are grateful to everyone who helped and especially to the children who giggled and squirmed with delight over their creations. The staff children and parents even made birdseed pine cones to hang outside for our feathered friends.

GivingTuesday Match Continues

Thank you to those who contributed on December 1st and gave $2,000 on that first day!

The goal is $12,000 by December 20th.

At this time, we have $7700 more to go. Your gift – large or small – makes a difference and sustains our healing mission. Double it today!


The Little Drummer Boy, words composed by Katherin K. Davis, Henry Onorati, & Harry Simeone. Legacy artwork by Elizabeth Varker.

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